Canadian Urban Libraries Council/Conseil des Bibliothèques Urbaines du Canada

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CULC/CBUC will be recognized as a leader through innovative partnerships on program, service and leadership in the promotion of urban public library service. CULC/CBUC is prepared to work with traditional and non-traditonal partners to advance the provision of library service within their communities.??

CULC/CBUC will be recognized as a leader through innovative partnerships on program, service, and leadership. Some early examples:

  • CULC/CARL/CLA on the HR Summit. Base inventory of activity; collaboration on a number of projects including, but not limited to: diversification of work force; recognition of international credentials, development of internship programs; dialogue with Library and iSchools on training requirements.
  • Establish CULC/CBUC as a voice of the users. Contribute to and work to raise the dialogue, around public libraries, above “the soft” and develop statements on issues such as Positioning of the urban public library; social space/networking strategies. Goal is to keep the people/public as our power advocates.
  • Take a leadership role with sister organizations like CARL in leadership development and mentorship; look to develop a Training Institute in partnership with external groups as well as library groups.
  • Publish articles in existing library journals under the CULC/CBUC byline (Feliciter, The Partnership Journal, Access, etc.) ??
  • Participate, in both name and message, in national urban issue forums and programs (eg. Library Settlement, etc.)
  • The CULC/CBUC Education Program. Seek partners, inside and outside the library community, to include in the urban library discussion and agenda.
  • Introduction of a CULC/CBUC award or series of awards that recognize leadership, best practice, and perhaps mentorship. Not to be a duplication of anything existing.
  • Further work on the issues of Futures and how urban public libraries can maximize their contributions to their communities.?
  • Contribute to the national efforts to secure clear funding and clear support for a new National strategy on serving Canadians with print disabilities. A CULC/CBUC outcome is that libraries are seen as central to the distribution strategy.