Canadian Urban Libraries Council/Conseil des Biblioth¨¨ques Urbaines du Canada

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CULC/CBUC will be recognized as a leader through innovative partnerships on program, service and leadership in the promotion of urban public library service. CULC/CBUC is prepared to work with traditional and non-traditonal partners to advance the provision of library service within their communities.??

CULC/CBUC will be recognized as a leader through innovative partnerships on program, service, and leadership. Some early examples:

  • CULC/CARL/CLA on the HR Summit. Base inventory of activity; collaboration on a number of projects including, but not limited to: diversification of work force; recognition of international credentials, development of internship programs; dialogue with Library and iSchools on training requirements.
  • Establish CULC/CBUC as a voice of the users. Contribute to and work to raise the dialogue, around public libraries, above ˇ°the softˇ± and develop statements on issues such as Positioning of the urban public library; social space/networking strategies. Goal is to keep the people/public as our power advocates.
  • Take a leadership role with sister organizations like CARL in leadership development and mentorship; look to develop a Training Institute in partnership with external groups as well as library groups.
  • Publish articles in existing library journals under the CULC/CBUC byline (Feliciter, The Partnership Journal, Access, etc.) ??
  • Participate, in both name and message, in national urban issue forums and programs (eg. Library Settlement, etc.)
  • The CULC/CBUC Education Program. Seek partners, inside and outside the library community, to include in the urban library discussion and agenda.
  • Introduction of a CULC/CBUC award or series of awards that recognize leadership, best practice, and perhaps mentorship. Not to be a duplication of anything existing.
  • Further work on the issues of Futures and how urban public libraries can maximize their contributions to their communities.?
  • Contribute to the national efforts to secure clear funding and clear support for a new National strategy on serving Canadians with print disabilities. A CULC/CBUC outcome is that libraries are seen as central to the distribution strategy.